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Top Rated Resume Services review review and discounts


One day I understood that I have problems with my resume, because I was not receiving invitations to the interview for quite a long time. One of my friends advised me to order resume online. So, I started to look for a resume writing service desperately. This site I found accidentally and was attracted by the banners that claimed about low prices. I checked other sites and understood that this site offers really low prices for written resumes. In addition, this company offers a lot of services, such as resume and CV writing, editing and rewriting. Unfortunately, I was fool enough to believe that low prices really exist. As we all know, free cheese can be found in the mousetrap only.

Price Policy

On the main page you can see a big banner which states that the following package costs $99 only:
1. Developing ultimate JOB APPLICATION PACKAGE with all documents required for getting a job: Resume, CV, Cover Letter, KSAs, Thank you and Follow-up letters, etc.
2. Filling your LinkedIn profile with career information.
I was happy to find out that such an amazing package of services may cost $99, while written resume on other sites costs above $250.

Quality of paper

The day of my resume delivery has come, but I received nothing. I was puzzled and afraid that this company lied to me and only took my money, but when I contacted the support team agent, he promised to deliver my paper as soon as possible. He didn’t apologize and he didn’t even clarify, how long I should wait. Only the next day my resume was finally delivered to me. I was shocked to see that it had poor formatting and contained a lot of mistakes and misprints. It was a resume of low quality, which had only few differences with the one I sent to the writer. I should say that I was shocked. In any case, I paid the money and get such a terrible service.


This site provides services of low quality for low prices.