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Top Rated Resume Services review review and discount code


I started to look for a job, but I understood that professional resume is not only a good start of such service, but also a must. Nowadays it is very important to have a well written resume, because it will play an important role in future career. Usually, employers pay attention to interesting and witty resumes of employees. I decided not to waste my time in efforts to create good resume, so I decided to order it on one of the websites. When I first entered this site, I paid attention to its advantages:
• Resume Companion makes writing a resume simple, easy and fast
• Gorgeous designs to choose from with one-click download to MS Word
• Thousands of sample phrases simplifies the writing process
• Industry-grade resume format that HR Managers love
It was very important for me to check the samples. They were represented on the site, so I had an opportunity to look through them. I liked the result and decided to make an order.

Price Policy

Unfortunately, you will not see the prices on the site, as they are not represented there. I contacted the admin and he told me that the price for my paper will be $320!

Quality of Paper

Of course, I expected to get the paper the same that I saw in the samples. To my disappointment, I received the resume which had nothing to do with the sample I have mentioned. It was something really strange. The format was wrong and the content was silly.

Quality of Support

Admins reply back slowly.

As a result I had nothing to do but to leave this site being a bitdisappointed. To my luck, I found this Service. This site is very professional and gives you a nice opportunity to win the interview, and consequently, the position of your dream. I can say form my own experience that resumes ordered here are the best and the cheapest!