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This site looks really great and simple. I liked the combination of colors and the way all the issues are situated on the page. That was my first impression. Creating a resume appeared to be a real problem for me. I always thought that it was an easy task, but in the process of writing I understood that I don’t know how to format it correctly. So, I found this site and I was hoping that it was cheap. It is said that you can create a resume online and absolutely for free. I uploaded the file and composed the resume. The only thing that remained to be done was to share it across social networks. Here is where the problems started.

Price Policy

Well, I should say that this site is not free. I needed to post my resume in the internet, as I extremely needed to find job. It appeared that I should have paid $358 for this service. I suspected that such services may be expensive but I didn’t expect them to have such high prices. As I had no choice, I decided to pay my last money for this service.

Quality of Support

In a couple of days I decided to check the situation and contact the admin of the site. It appeared that the only way to contact the admin is via e-mail. I wrote him a letter, but he didn’t reply me back. I began to worry as I couldn’t find my resume anywhere in the internet.

Quality of Service

Finally it was delivered and the content was great, while the formatting was not as I expected.


This service is not bad, but I guess that it is possible to find more affordable sites.