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Top Rated Resume Services review review and discounts

CV for you offers CV and cover letter templates, which are said to be prepared by recruiting specialists. The site was very small and had simple design without noticeable elements. There are only templates, samples, testimonials on the site – no career articles or recourses, as many other website have. I already had a written resume but a friend of mine recommended giving it another thought, so I hoped that these templates would help me to improve my resume.

Pricing policy

The site has no trial period or free samples – everything is paid. A set of 24 CV templates cost 23GBP, cover letter samples were 22GBP, and for 27GBP you could get an all-included package. I wondered whether I would need all of these samples – obviously not, but there was no option to buy separate items. I clicked the Buy now button and was sent to the payment page. After the payment went through successfully, I could download the package.

Resume making process

I had a plenty of fancy resume templates at my disposal and chose the most appealing one. I could copy and paste my text into a template but I realized that it wouldn’t make my resume content any better. There were no hints or tips about how to write or organize a resume better. As for cover letter, I checked some of them and was disappointed – letters of the same quality were available online for free. I tried to find an online guide for resume writing, but finally gave it up and decided to order editing at a good resume company.


I asked some of my acquaintances and one of them gave the link to Perfect Resume org. I ordered CV and cover letter editing there and it cost me only a few pounds more than I paid for those templates. However, I got my CV improved and revised. To sum up, I think that those templates are only helpful if you already have a great resume and need a makeover.