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  • This sites review is really independent. I really like to make the decisions myself. I have tried one of the best services and was surprised to get so many services for such a low price.

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This is a faceless site (I mean, a site without smiling faces on it) devoted first to CV consulting, and only then to resume writing. The site has both free and paid resources, like articles, samples, writing tips, and testimonials. There’s also a detailed description of how it all works, so you could know for sure if you need it or not.

Price policy

The prices here are above average, and the way the writer works is unusual, too. The writer works with you on the phone or Skype to develop your resume to make it detailed and customized. They say it helps create a better, really working CV as the customers don’t always know what the employers want to see. This type of service will cost you £395. In some cases, you can choose a £250.00 package.

Order details

My resume really needed updating, so I thought it would be a good option to stay on these services. I hardly found several spare hours to spend on it, and was communicating with the writer face-to-face. I have to admit that it really was an interesting experience. My writer was very positive and inspiring.

Quality of writing and support

I got a completed resume in 3 days, which is quite fast. But when I got it, I felt a touch of dissatisfaction. No, the resume itself was good and very professionally made. But I didn’t see what exactly I paid such money for – the resume contained the same information I’d state if I wrote it myself. I’m an established marketing professional and I know my strengths.


It was an interesting experience to get a consultation, but I think I just didn’t need it – a quality resume writing site working remotely like will work for me well for less money. I think it’s a good option for those making career change or career starters not knowing what they are worth, but not for me. That’s why personally I don’t recommend them.