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Top Rated Resume Services review review and discount system


This company only works with senior managers and executives of top level.


This company provides resume writing and career management services. Resumes are written by only one person, a woman with 20+ years of experience. So, every customer receives a personal approach.


Customers can write a mail to the company’s address, can make a phone or Skype call, or contact the company by email, whichever is more convenient. Due to the specifics of the website, a customer must have a one-on-one communication with the writer prior to ordering in order to determine whether or not the writer will be able to and is willing to help a particular customer and in order to gather all the details for the resume.


With respect to the cost of services, the quote for each specific order is suggested by the writer only after the interview with customer and after discussing what exactly should be done. Customers still have a right to confirm or amend the price and the requirements after receiving a quote. Personal approach and ability to work with a resume writer like this is always much more expensive.


From the moment when details are discussed and payment is confirmed, it takes the writer from 5 to 7 days to complete the documents.


Important thing to remember is that this writer only works with senior managers and executives of top level. Those who only begin their career as well as those who have a career gap of 10 years and wish to reenter job market will not find assistance on this website. If you are not a senior manager, if you just start your career, or if you would like to find a job after not working for 10 years, then you can order your resume and additional documents on CV Resume Writing Services org, where the prices are affordable and the quality of services is much higher than just satisfactory.


Due to specialization of the writer and limitations of this service, it cannot be recommended to everyone except top level executives. Though if you are a CEO, COO, CTO or CFO and if you appreciate personal approach, then this website can be a nice option for you.