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Top Rated Resume Services review review and discounts


Many think that to give a job away for someone else to do it is a good idea. It is in case the one you asks for help is as professional as s/he claims to be. We take a chance without realizing all the risks very often and same often the risk we take fall short of expectations. That is where the trouble lies. The company provides with resume writing services. At extra charge, you are about to receive a resume without any need to scratch your head over it by yourself.


The design. It looks very good because it is simple. One might say that simple is boring but when it comes to a serious company providing with resume writing services, it would be stupid to look at rainbow-like pages. One would feel lack of trust because as neat as the resource is a paper delivered will be. There is just right amount of graphics and it was a very good idea to put photos of the staff on the front page of the service so visitors could see whom they work with, who are to work upon their resumes so they were able to find a job shortly after. One is also able to sign up for some free tips. There are also free tools in accordance with the chosen package. For those who are fond of reading, there is a career blog available for viewing. There are also other blogs available so there is A LOT to read so make yourself comfortable and grab a cup of coffee or tea.


The website is a bit confusing at navigation despite the standard navigation panel as most of the services alike have, which makes it to where one is to wander about the website in order to find an application form to make an order and look through the pricing list to know how much it will cost to place the order. There is no discount system available just like no live chat option so it was possible to contact a support team representative.

Quality of paper

There are professional resume writing, LinkedIn profile customization and career management services. To be able to view one or all of them, click on the icons with service you are interested in. All the buttons are clickable and work properly. I needed my LinkedIn profile customization so I was to get my enhancement checklist. I had problems with getting one though. I had to wait until it to come to my email address. I was already afraid I put a wrong email address. What I also needed was a resume but the level of the paper I received was far from perfect.

Policy of price

I did not find a price list to view. However hard I was trying. It took me really much time. Things should not be like this. A service of the kind needs to be easier at usage so visitors did not have to search for hours how to place an order. They eventually leave choosing some other website. The website looks very promising. It really gives an impression as if it has much to offer but there is also another feeling as if it does not use all the opportunities it promises.

Order details

Just like with the table of prices, there is no application form available for viewing and making an actual order. I would prefer and suggest for there to be one for easier usage. This is how the things should be anyway. A visitor entering the site normally check upon two things, which are how to place an order and the cost for it. Both are not there not on their places and this is no good. It leads to confusion.


Reading feedbacks of other people who have already used services or purchased goods on some website, we tend to trust strangers as if those were tips from our best friend. Due to feedbacks, a customer may assure oneself upon the right choice upon a company or a purchase made from a store, which is highly recommended. People believe and trust what they read but applying for help, get disappointed. This was my case. The website disappointed me. I feel regrets upon using it but there is this other service I enjoyed using, which is CV Resume Writers.