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Top Rated Resume Services review review and discounts

This resume writing company is focused solely on writing resumes for executives. They have been providing resume services since 1996 and promise to shorten your job search period. The site itself, however, has a really outdated design and poor structure. It only describes numerous strengths of their writer, making it nearly impossible for a visitor to locate the necessary information. However, as it was focused on executive resumes, I expected to get quality documents written for me here.

Price policy

I expected to find the prices on the site, but I have found none. Instead, they offer to ask for a quote. However, to do that, you need to fill in a very detailed questionnaire. Why was it so hard to inform the potential clients at least about the approximate prices? I spent 20 minutes filling in this document and still had risk of wasting this time if the price turned out to be too high.

Order details

I got a reply only the next day and was told that my package would cost $725. That was not cheap, but I could afford it provided that the quality of my resume is really high. As I already submitted my old resume, I was given a link to pay and after that a phone consultation was appointed. Two days later we discussed the issues that were poorly covered in my resume and the writer begin his work on the package.

Quality of support and writing

I was promised a brand new resume within 7 days. During this period, the writer contacted me only once to clarify the issue with my resume information. I even messaged them some extra information, but they didn’t include it into the final document (as it turned out later, the letter came to spam folder or something). I don’t consider this a good customer support. The promise about delivery date was kept, though.


The resume I got had a good structure, was well-designed and was quite short, in spite of the length of my experience. However, I thought that the design was too bright as I was going to apply for Finance Director position, so I asked the writer to change that. It took him another day to make this minor correction. To sum up, in spite the result was good; I was dissatisfied with support and the service. I used to deal with more attentive services in the past, and will likely use I used before, if I need more career help.